Which necklace to choose according to your body type?

February 5, 2024

When you want to dress appropriately or adorn yourself with jewelry, taking your body shape into account is an obligation. Otherwise, you will make missteps that others will be sure to point out. So if you are planning to buy a necklace, you must consider your body shape when making your choice. To help you find the one that best suits your figure, this article presents the best choices based on your body shape.

Figure 8 or X shape

“8” or “X” body shapes are those of exceptional women, with a well-proportioned look. They are characterized by a waist that is significantly thinner than the shoulders and hips. Depending on whether you are curvy or thin, you can notice the figure 8 or X when you are standing.

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For this type of body type, it is recommended to opt for a necklace that goes down to the level of your collarbone. To highlight your size, especially when you are thin, you should prefer long necklaces, princess necklaces or even Y-shaped ones. Go to the Evry Jewels store to find its different elements.

You can also find bib necklaces, true allies of the most curvaceous women who want to highlight their bust.

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The A-shaped morphology

Women with an “A” body shape have shoulders that are narrower than their hips. The upper body is therefore smaller. To balance things out, it is therefore more interesting for these women to choose accessories that draw attention to the upper body.

Choker necklaces are therefore recommended. The same goes for bib necklaces or bib necklaces that highlight the neckline. Necklaces with pendants or neck details are also good choices, as they create a focal point at the base of the chest.

H-shaped morphology

The “H” shape is that of women with a rectangular silhouette, with aligned shoulders and hips. For the latter, all categories of necklaces will look great on them. If you have this silhouette, you can opt for:

  • A long necklace
  • A choker necklace
  • A bib necklace
  • A pendant necklace
  • A princess necklace
  • A Y necklace
  • A multi-string necklace, etc.

You can adopt these different necklaces, regardless of the length of their rope or even their thickness. Also remember to take into account the design material of the jewelry when finalizing your choice. This last element will also determine its price.

V-shaped morphology

The “V” morphology is the opposite of the “A” morphology. It is characterized by shoulders wider than the hips. For this shape, it is the upper body that immediately catches the eye. To balance your figure, you must find a way to focus attention downwards, especially the hips.

Long necklaces, which create a descending line, are therefore the most suitable for you. Pendant necklaces with long chains will also be great for this type of woman.

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